Registration > Registration Conditions

Admission Conditions:

1- Passing of an entrance exam.

2- Passing a personal interview.

3- Payment of fees.

4- Complete the admission application and required documents.  

5- Reaching required age


one year and nine months


two years and 9 months

First Grade

five years and nine months

Registration Dates:

Nursery and Kindergarten

At the beginning of the 2nd term

Primary, Intermediate, and secondary

After the 1st term reports

Required Documents:

1- Birth certificate

2- Identity card and family book or legal residency card

3- Passport

4- Vaccination Record

5- Medical certificate

6- Three current pictures (4x6)

7- One current picture (21x15)

8- Copy of the certificate of the previous year


*Please bring the original documents for verification.  

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