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As the school is keen to keep up with scientific development, it has introduced into its program, the teaching of computer as a fundamental course. The school has selected varied curricula to suit various age groups (programming, web design, animation & graphics, MS Office) to cope with ongoing change in curricula and the fast development of this subject.

The school provides specialized labs for the subject so that students can directly practice practical applications on computers. It has also recruited professional female trainers with wide experience to teach this subject.


In its quest to promote the complete technology dependence principle, as well as minimize waste of natural resources, the department has adopted the use of the Edu-Ware E-Book, along with applying an advanced method of communication between students and their teacher. This method is based on the Virtual Class provided by the Kid-blog website. In this virtual class, the teacher assigns tasks, work papers, and other needed resources to students, who in turn share class work and home work and submit them through it.

As to educational projects in computer studies conducted by students during the school term, the school is keen to having projects that are closely related to the students’ social and religious lives. In addition, they are integrated into the subjects of sciences, mathematics, and language. Such approach will certainly boost up the students abilities to employ their personal skills in the educational and practical aspects of their lives.     

Computer Labs

The school currently has computer labs, both of which are equipped with modern technology, proactive blackboards, and other needed supplies. Inside each lab, students have access to closely monitored use of the internet. A safe environment is being ensured to the students during their browsing and navigation through the web. 

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