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As stated in the school’s Vision Statement, Alafaq international schools envisions cooperation among staff and parents. To enable the school to create critical thinkers in a global community, a shared commitment between school and home is essential. Therefore, the school’s administration would like to share the following information with the Alafaq community:


Weekly plans, schedules, and testing dates can be accessed through the school’s website, using the grade level icons.

Homework is sent on a daily basis, and can be found in the students’ homework diary.

Attendance and Early Dismissal

•Parents must ensure their children arrive to school on time daily, and prevent absences and/or early dismissal. For unavoidable circumstances, parents are asked to submit a request in writing explaining the reason their child will be absent or leaving early from school.

•Parents, siblings, and/or nannies are asked to remain in the waiting area and wait for the receptionist to call the child. This is to avoid unnecessary congestion in the halls and stairways.

•To ensure the safety of all our students, prior notification must be made to the school if the student is to leave with a friend, relative, or nanny who is unknown to the school’s administration.

•If your child is being picked up by someone other than the mother, please fill out the ID card information, attach a passport size photo, and laminate it for daily use. Students will not be released to any person without proper ID.

•Testing days are vital for the success of our students. Therefore, we take these days seriously. Students who are absent on testing days MUST provide a sick-leave report from their doctor, or a make-up test will not be made.

General Appearance

•Students are required to wear the designated school uniform according to the section he/she is in.

•Short pants are not allowed.

•Closed-toe sport shoes are preferred for all students to ensure comfort and stability while walking and playing. 

•Multiple ear piercings, long earrings, and accessories are not allowed. A single pair of earrings on the lower earlobe is acceptable.

•For specific health reasons, we ask that girls keep their hair combed and tied back.

•The sport uniform can be worn only on days that students have PE on their schedule.

•Girls in grades 5 – 12 are required to wear an “Abaya” when entering and exiting the school premises.

•Finger nails are to be kept short, and nail polish is not allowed.


To enable students to perform well and to encourage a healthy life style, the school does not allow students to bring any type of unhealthy food to school. This includes chocolates, artificially flavored juices, sweets, nuts, hamburgers, nuggets, and potato chips. If these foods are found with students they will be confiscated.

Healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, biscuits, and cake without chocolate or nuts are allowed, Students can share during open days, but avoiding excess and above mentioned foods, The school has requested students to refrain from bringing nuts and products that contain nuts due to several cases of food allergies in the school. We ask that you abide by the rules set forth by the school’s administration.


•Students are not allowed to bring any type of electronic toys to school unless requested by the teacher.

•Please do not allow your child to bring his/her personal items such as toys to school.

•Students can share gifts on open days, but the gift must first be approved by the administration. This again is for safety reasons, and to ensure our students do not come into contact with any item that is harmful to them.


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