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  Alafaq international schools opened its doors to young learners in 2004, and it was a modest yet fully equipped 2 classroom Montessori kindergarten, with rapid growth and increased enrollment, the school has expanded to accommodate Pre-K through grade 12.

  The school’s highly qualified staff, including administrators, ensures students’ daily academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs are met.

  The school boasts of its spacious classrooms and is fully equipped with modern technology for 21st century learning. Teaching staff use a variety of techniques to ensure all students achieve, and professional development is carefully planned to ensure staff are equipped to meet the needs of the students in the school. The school’s technology infrastructure in continually evaluated and upgraded to provide the school with complete technology learning support.

  The schools aims at achieving these goals:

1- Support and educate students by developing their individual abilities and empowering them with the ability to create future change.

2- Create a high educational standard, which will allow students to compete with confidence and integrity in a global community. 

3- Develop critical thinkers through the use of exploration, analysis, and evaluation of information.

4- Educate students to appreciate the importance of the use of technology by providing them with a challenging yet attainable technology program.

5- Promote development of personal skills including advance placement, self-discipline, self-motivation, time management, and self-respect.

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