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Al-Afaq School provides students with education that nurtures them socially, emotionally, academically, physically, and spiritually. The school adopts a culture of creativity that plants the seeds for independent learners to face all challenges in the global community. Al-Afaq also educates today’s students for tomorrow’s world.


Al-Afaq School envisions cooperation among staff members and parents, and student-centered strategies for our students. Al-Afaq’s purpose is to create critical thinkers in a global community, and also to provide a safe and loving environment.


The school objectives include:

To identify the learning style of each student and create a learning environment that meets the needs of all learners and enables them to reach their full potential. 

To encourage each student to develop self-confidence, and the ability to think, reason, and problem solve.

To encourage the physical development of the student by providing a safe and spacious area to play, physical training, and nutritious meals and snacks.

To give students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials that encourages them to be expressive and creative. 

To empower students with the confidence and ability to apply the use of technology in their daily life.

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