Student’s Name اسم التلميذ (in English as Passport) :  
    Father’s Name:  
    Father’s Mobile:      
    Mother’s Name :  
    Mother's Mobile :    
    Email :    
    Nationality :  
    Birth Place :  
    Date of Birth (Hijri) : (dd/mm/yyyy)    
    Date of Birth (ED) : (dd/mm/yyyy)    
    Previous School :  
    Educational path in the previous school :
    Intended Registration Grade :  
    Do you have brother(s) or sister(s) in this school ?
    If 'Yes', please list the names of brother(s) and sister(s) in school

    : Note

    Do not consider the registration of school through the website as the final registration. The admission and registration depends on the student passing the school’s entrance test, which is according to the available vacancies

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