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The school requires students to wear a specific uniform...
Dr. Maria Montessori believed that no human being is educated by another person. She must do it hers..

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  • Montessori Meeting
    The Kindergarten Section at Alafaq School held its Annual Open House for parents. The event aimed at introducing mothers to the Montessori Method, and how it is applied in the kindergarten. The presentation provided thorough information and was supported by videos and...
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    As part of our school Community Service Program, grade 12 students held a breast cancer awareness campaign for high school students on 26/10/17. The campaign aimed at raising awareness about symptoms, therapy, and prevention. Students decorated the high school bulletin ...
  • Section visit to Almaraie Company
    Alafaq School seeks to provide a balance between education and entertainment for all students, and they seek out businesses and organizations that care to enlighten the younger generation and increase awareness of food products. Therefore, the secondary stage students t...
  • Elderly Home Trip
    As Community Service is part of Alafaq School’s curriculum, the school seeks to consolidate the program by encouraging students to volunteer their time for fundraising and providing aid and visits to various charities. On one of these visits, Alafaq School accompanied t...
  • national day
    The school administration congratulates the Kingdom on its 87th national day Celebration! The school celebrated the day by viewing a documentary movie about the kingdom history and the students has sang international songs and raising flags and pictures to express thei...
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